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Ultimate Dining Experience!

Sushi Bella Restaurant has started its journey in North Vancouver, 2010. The restaurant is full of choices in the menu with trendy French-Japanese fusion dishes. We are committed to providing all of our precious guests with an ultimate dining experience. 

Our philosophy is to provide our guests with the highest quality of service to complement our innovative approach to Japanese cuisine. 
In all of our original creations, we have incorporated the traditional roots of Japanese cuisine with touch of western and specifically West Coast influences using only the highest quality ingredients.

Sushi Bella has expanded the 2nd location to West 4th, Kitsilano in 2011. 

Our staff member at all locations strives to bring our guests, a traditional and modern Japanese cuisine that is sure to enlighten all taste buds. Varieties of amazing dishes and exotic rolls will take our customers to a whole new level of experience in French-Japanese fusion

Experience the thrill at Sushi Bella! Sushi Bella wants to invite all our valuable customers to one of the hottest spots in Vancouver to enjoy the most incredible dining experience. 

But wait! Sushi Bella isn’t all for our customers. We would like to introduce our new branch BB Pocha Restaurant on Robson Street, Vancouver and was founded in November 2013.
BB Pocha introduced a special spirit of Kang-Nam style that runs in Kang-Nam Street in Seoul, into the heart of Downtown Vancouver's entertainment district, serving seven nights a week.

BB Pocha Restaurant serves our top notch dishes and refreshing drinks. This place is already the MUST dine-in hot spot in the heart of downtown. 

Come and join us at Sushi Bella when you crave for the breeze of ocean and seafood.

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About Chef Kabel (Youngki Kim) the Bella's owner

Chef Kabel (Youngki Kim), the Bella’s owner, created a completely different genre with a mixture of authentic Japanese and French. His journey as a chef in Japanese cuisine began in 1999 after completing a degree in Fine Arts. He made his way to Pacific Culinary Arts to explore French cuisine and was offered as an executive chef in Hawaii, USA at Gold Fish Restaurant.  After returning to Vancouver, he pursued his career at Executive Hotel and Fairmont Hotel for several years and at last, Sushi Bella Restaurant was finally established in 2010 with an exquisite combination of Japanese, French and a hint of Italian.


Kabel’s creation at Sushi Bella will guarantee satisfaction from traditional classic rolls to exotic fusion Bella rolls. With a great success in North Vancouver, 2nd Sushi Bella on West 4th Kitsilano was born in the following year. His desire and the effort to please our valuable customer did not stop at Kitsilano. 

“My life time goal is to provide a comfortable yet a trendy place for all my customers to enjoy!”

The ultimate experience, the incomparable taste and the superb quality will always be the philosophy of Chef Kabel.  

However, his philosophy did not stop at 2nd Sushi Bella Branch. He launched a sister branch of Sushi Bella Restaurant called BB Pocha Restaurant on Robson Street in the heart of Vancouver downtown since 2013, and relocate in May 2018 to 52 Alexander Street.


BB Pocha Restaurant is HOT already.  It is becoming one of the must-visit restaurants. Kabel’s passion and philosophy in culinary art are not yet close to being finished but he will definitely bring more trends in Vancouver.


Who knows what surprise Chef Kabel may bring next?

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